Free Data from the DDB

VLE of Chloroform and MethanolDDBST has published a free Explorer Version of its software and the Dortmund Data Bank. This DDB Explorer Version is a stripped down – but still useful and completely free – basic version of the DDB and the DDB software package.

The Explorer Version contains data for 30 components and for the mixtures that can be build from these components. DDBST has decided to publish the experimental data from the Explorer Version directly on the Internet.

Data from eight data banks are available:

Explorer Version Data - Main Page

Databank SetsPointsSourcesSystems
Pure Component Properties (Several Properties) 3188 20352 1556 30
Vapor-Liquid Equilibria 1240 20706 574 516
(Binary Systems)
529 529 129 200
Azeotropic Data 892 892 506 363
Solid-Liquid Equilibria (Systems Without Electrolytes) 371 4309 169 176
Excess Enthalpies 630 10731 304 275
Excess Heat Capacities, Heat Capacities 169 2087 79 78
Excess Volumina, Densities of Mixtures 793 12212 400 329
Sum 8398 77359 5728 815

* approximate number of data sets compared to the complete data bank.


In total, there are data for 815 systems available. Compared to the systems stored in the Dortmund Dabank this is only a very small fraction.

For most binary systems at least a single diagram with the standard representation of the property is available.